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On - 06/04/2012

Patriot Statistics

Total Pilots: 25
Total Flights: 3,681
Total Hours: 11,155 Hrs
Flights Today: 0
Total Pax Carried: 2,386,109
Miles Flown: 4,462,321 NM
Total Schedules: 4,873

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Patriot Virtual Airways was founded in December of 2009 with one goal in mind. To provide flight sim enthusiasts a virtual airline that is not full of strict rules. We wanted an airline that provided a more relaxed environment for our VA pilots while still providing a sense of realism that some experienced VA pilots are wanting. Please take a few minutes and check out our site to get an idea on how we operate. We think you will like it here!


Keith and Isaac

Patriot Virtual Airways Co-Founders

Latest NOTAM's

There are now some new tours active in the tour division, our new tour manager Pete Desjardins has been busy and I have added "The Book of Souls" tour by Iron Maiden for all you metal heads out there.





We have a new voice server for you to use during your flights.  All the access details are listed in the Pilot Center.


This is just a reminder that the Boeing 737 World Tour has started. Part 1 of 3 of the World Tour will be open for registration until December 31st. Please be aware that if you don't sign up for part one by that date you will not be able to participate in the rest of the tour.

 On September 1st 2015  we updated Patriot Virtual Airways website and added some new features. Please read the following update anouncement which will explain all the changes as some will affect you



DateSubjectPosted By
05/01/2016New Tours AvailablePhilip Taylor
01/22/2016New Voice ServerKeith Buckner
09/22/2015Boeing 737 World TourKeith Buckner
09/05/2015Patriot Virtual Airways UpdatePhilip Taylor

Live Flights

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Currently No Flights In Progress!

Latest Pirep's

Flight #DepartureArrivalDurationPilotDate
PVA6244YBBNYSSY01.22.04PVA1025 Neil B08/25/2016
PVA2928KLASKBUR01.04.32PVA1682 Kevin F08/25/2016
PVA4389KTPAKIND01.53.28PVA1693 Rick H08/24/2016
PVA1029CYQXCYYR01.03.11PVA1676 Pete D08/21/2016
PVA1016CYHZCYQX01.14.15PVA1676 Pete D08/21/2016

Greased Landings (30 Days)

PilotAircraftArrival FieldLanding RateDate Posted
PVA1496 Ricardo GEMBRAER 170KMSP-307/29/2016
PVA1496 Ricardo GA319-100EGLL-607/31/2016
PVA1651 Pierre CA319-100EGLL-4108/21/2016
PVA1658 Oscar OCRJ-900KBNA-5908/03/2016
PVA1658 Oscar ODASH 8-200PHNL-7507/29/2016
PVA1623 Philip TB737-800MMMX-8208/20/2016
PVA1658 Oscar OCRJ-900CYQR-8508/05/2016
PVA1658 Oscar OB737-800SLLP-8708/01/2016
PVA1651 Pierre CEMBRAER 170LFPO-8908/03/2016
PVA1658 Oscar OB737-800KLAX-9807/30/2016

Newest Pilots

Pilot IDPilot NameHire DateCountry
PVA1696Jose D08/24/2016Portugal
PVA1693Rick H07/08/2016United States
PVA1691John M06/11/2016United States
PVA1690Tim T06/04/2016United States
PVA1689Kevin S05/20/2016United States
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